Michael Meissner's current camera gear

Sometimes people are curious about the camera gear I own. I've been fortunate that I've been able to afford quite a bit of gear. The gear does allow me to take pictures in more extreme situations, but honestly more gear doesn't make you a better photographer.

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Micro 4/3rds cameras that I currently own

Maker Model Bought EVF Sealed Status
Olympus E-M1 mark II 2021-07 TFT LCD Yes I bought this to complement the E-m5 mark III. We'll see which camera gets the main usage.
Olympus E-M5 mark III 2020-02 OLED LCD Yes This is my main stills camera.
Olympus E-M1 mark I 2016-05 TFT LCD Yes This was my main stills camera. I did have to send it in for a shutter repair in April, 2018. I sent it in for a secondary repair for the USB and shutter release at the end of 2019
Panasonic G85 2016-11 OLED Yes This was my main video camera. I suspect I will be doing more video on the E-m1 mark II in the future.
Olympus E-M10 mark II 2018-05 OLED No I bought a refurbished E-m10 mark II to complement the E-m1 mark I on sunny days. Now that I have the E-m5 mark III with an OLED viewfinder and it is sealed, I haven't used the E-m10 mark II much
Olympus E-M5 mark I 2014-02 TFT LCD Yes This was my first weather sealed micro 4/3rds camera. I now use it mostly inside of a steampunk case.
Olympus E-PM2 2009-11 External No Second micro 4/3rds camera. It now is mostly unused, except inside of a small steampunk case.
Olympus E-P2 2009-12 External No First micro 4/3rds camera. It is now mostly unused.

Classic 4/3rds cameras that I currently own

Maker Model Bought Status
Olympus E-5 2011-10 Main camera from 2011-2014. I bring it out of retirement every so often.
Olympus E-3 2008-08 This was my main camera until I got the E-5. It is now mostly retired.
Olympus E-1 2004-12 First classic 4/3rds camera. I bring it out every so often.

Fixed lens cameras that I currently own

Maker Model Field of view F/stop Sealed Bought EVF Status
Olympus Stylus 1 28-300mm f/2.8 No 2014-02 TFT LCD I use this as a pocket camera. I tend to prefer it over the Panasonic LX-10.
Panasonic LX10 24-72mm f/1.4-2.8 None 2017-10 None I use this as a pocket camera. I bought it as a low light camera.
Panasonic FZ300 25-600mm f/2.8 Yes 2018-02 OLED I bought this used as a super-zoom camera when I don't want to carry multiple cameras/lenses.
Olympus TG-5 28-140mm f/2-4.9mm Yes 2018-10 None Just purchased.
Olympus TG-2 28-140mm f/2-4.9mm Yes 2013-?? None I don't use this that much anymore.
Olympus C-2100UZ 38-380mm f/2.8 No 2002-04 Yes I used to use it as my main camera. I bring it out rarely now.

Video cameras that I currently own

Maker Model Resolution Bought Status
JVC GZ-R10 1080p 2015-06 I bought this to shoot renaissance faire videos. It is now backup to the G85.
Kodak ZX-1 720p 2011-05 I bought this to shoot renaissance faire videos. I haven't used it in awhile.

Cameras that I no longer own

Maker Model Lens/mount Bought Status
Olympus TG-860 21-105mm 2016-03 Sold, October 2018, upgraded to TG-5.
JVC GZ-Ex210 1080p 2013-07 I gave this to a friend.
Z camera E1 Micro 4/3 2017-12 Returned. It did not work with my microphone, it was cumbersome, and focusing was too slow.
Olympus Air A01 Micro 4/3 2015-07 I bought this to explore remote control. I wound up returning it as I had several issues with it
Olympus VG-120 26-130mm 2011-11 Given away to a friend in February, 2014.
Olympus E-510 Classic 4/3 2007-06 Sold September, 2009. It was mostly used for telephoto until I got the E-3.
Olympus SP-550UZ 28-504mm 2007-03 Given away to a friend in February, 2014.
Olympus C-8080WZ 28-140mm 2007-08 Sold June 2009. I didn't shoot with it too much.
Olympus D-510Z 35-105mm 2001-12 No longer works, thrown away.
Canon S1-IS 38-380mm 2006-02 I dropped it, and it no longer works.
Fuji F30 36-108mm 2006-08 I gave this camera to my daughter.

Micro 4/3rds lenses that I have owned

Maker Focal length Version Aperture Sealed New/Used Bought Sold
Olympus 12-40mm - f/2.8mm Yes Used 2015-03 Still own
Olympus 12-50mm - f/3.5-6.3mm Yes E-M5 kit 2014-02 Still own
Olympus 14-42mm Mark I f/3.5-5.6mm No E-P2 kit 2009-12 Given to a friend
Mark II-R E-PM2 kit 2013-01 Still own
Olympus 14-150mm Mark I f/4-5.6mm No New 2010-10 Sold
Mark II Yes 2015-07 Still own
Panasonic 20mm Mark I f/1.7mm No New 2011-03 Still own
Olympus 45mm - f/1.7mm No New 2015-07 Still own
Panasonic 35-100mm Mark I f/2.8mm Yes Used 2018-03 Still own
Panasonic 100-300mm Mark II f/4-5.6mm Yes Used 2017-10 Still own
Panasonic 15mm - f/1.7mm No Used 2018-11 Still own
Olympus 9-18mm - f/4-5.6mm No Refurbished 2016-12 Still own
Olympus 12mm - f/2.0mm No Used 2019-08 Sold 2021-08
Sigma 16mm - f/1.4mm Yes Refurbished 2019-06 Still own
Olympus 25mm - f/1.7mm No Used 2019-04 Sold 2021-08
Olympus MMF-3 (2x) - Lens adapter Yes Refurbished 2014-03 Still own
Panasonic DMW-MA1 - Lens adapter No ???? ???? Still own

Classic 4/3rds lenses that I have owned

Maker Focal length Version Aperture Sealed New/Used Bought Sold
Olympus 14-54mm Mark I f/2.8-3.5mm Yes E-1 kit 2004-12 Still own
Mark II Used 2018-01 Still own
Olympus 50-200mm Mark I f/2.8-3.5mm Yes Refurbished 2005-10 Still own
Olympus 70-300mm - f/4-5.6mm No Used 2009-05 Still own
Olympus EC-14 - Teleconverter Yes New 2006-03 Still own
Olympus 11-22mm - f/2.8-3.5mm Yes New 2006-04 Still own
Olympus 50mm - f/2 Yes Used 2005-06 Still own
Olympus 14-42mm Mark I f/3.5-5.6 No E-510 kit 2007-06 Sold
Mark II Used 2009-02 Still own
Olympus 40-150mm Mark I f/3.5-4.5mm No New 2005-08 Sold
Mark II f/4-5.6mm E-510 kit 2007-06 Still own
Olympus 9-18mm - f/4-5.6mm No Used ???? Still own
Sigma 30mm - f/1.4 No Used 2008-07 Still own
Sigma 18-125mm - f/3.8-5.6mm No New 2005-01 Sold
Sigma 55-200mm - f/4-5.6mm No New 2005-01 Sold
Olympus EX-25 - Teleconverter Yes New 2006-07 Sold

Add-on lenses for C-2100UZ

Maker Name Multiplier Bought Status
Olympus Tcon-17 1.7x July 2005 Still own
Olympus A-200 1.5x July 2002 Still own
Kenko KNW-075 0.75x 2002 Still own
Tiffen 43 0.75x 2002 Still own
Olympus B-macro macro August 2003 Still own

External flashes

Maker Name Bought Status
Olympus FL-50 September 2005 I dropped it and now does not work. Before the drop, I used it frequently.
Olympus FL-36 July 2006 (used) Controls are a little sticky now, and replaced with the FL-36R.
Olympus FL-36R February 2014 (used) Main flash for E-P2, E-PM2.
Olympus FL-900R November, 2018 (refurbished) Large, weather sealed flash.
Adorama Flashpoint TT350O March 2019 New flash (radio trigger available).
Metz 48 AF-1 March 2011 (used) Main flash for E-5, E-3, E-1. Flash no longer zooms after a drop.
Promaster Digital macrolume January 2008 I haven't used it in a while.
Sunpak 144PC April 2002 Gave away
Promaster 5750DX October 2003 I primarily use this with C-2100UZ.
Ritz MS-1 (slave) April 2005 I haven't used this in a while.

Other accessories

Maker Name Bought Status
Mcoplus DMW-BGG1 clone grip for G85 2018-01 I use this when I'm shooting a lot during the day.
Olympus HLD-6 battery grip for E-m5 mark I ???? I primarily use this on my steampunk camera setup.
Olympus HLD-7 battery grip for E-m1 mark I 2016-05 I use this when I'm shooting a lot during the day.
Olympus HLD-4 battery grip for E-3/E-5 2011-01 I primarily use this on my steampunk camera setup.


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