Michael Meissner's Electronics related pages

I started dabbling in microprocessors with the Arduino Uno, and this page is a list of varioius places I buy electronics from (or at least look at items).


Microprocessors I own

Here are the microprocessors I own:

Electronics stores in the Boston area

A lot of basic components I tend to source locally rather than deal with mail order, as you can get it immediately. In central Massachusetts, I use:

Places I use or at least look at a lot

In general, I prefer to deal with sites that have USA distributors so that I get the stuff in a few days, rather than a couple weeks. These are the sites I look at, and I have bought some components from all of them, except for Sparkfun.

Here are some other sites that I look at, and have seen other people recommend, but I haven't ordered from them:

Targeted sits

More targeted sites include:

Sites that make various boards

The following places build a lot of shields, sensors, etc. Often times you can find the parts at distributors that are in your country, but for datasheets and tutorials, you need to go back to the company that built the item. They also do mail order directly:

Fun sites

Places that I often times search for unusual things, but not necessarily electronics parts are:


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